Stella Ahmadou

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I am a Business Intelligence Analyst and Freelance writer with a specialism in Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency , Food, Health and Wellbeing.

Blockchain  and Cryptocurrency are fairly new compared to other technology and markets.  They do not have wide  adoption by the public and information provided over any medium needs to be understandable and jargon free.

Also, heads of companies, CEOs, Directors want complex information translated to formats that would enable them to make snap decisions.   I am able to do this and in an efficient and quick way.

I love reading, I am passionate about  food, healthy living and and fascinated with emerging tech.  My dream is to travel and literally ‘eat’ my way around the globe.

I am a  Thrive Global author.  See Publications for my articles.

My crime fiction manuscript Deadly Sacrifice got me shortlisted for the  SI Leeds Literary prize 2016 .     I lead a  Facebook Group that features works of crime authors from around the world.

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